Wednesday, August 31, 2011


love love love.. what's love?? once there was a guy scolded me.. he said i'm still a little kid.. i still don't know what's love.. i'm still fooling around.. playing around.. like a kid.. he told me 'i love you' these three words are strong words.. we don't use it just like that.. it means a lot.. when i think back my past relationship.. i realized.. he was right.. i used that three words lk almost every minute to some1 who i thought i really love them.. apparently i misused the words.. it takes a long time before you use the three words.. 1st u gotta meet this person.. then u have to know his background and his personality.. see whether u guys can click or not.. do u feel happy with that person?? u cannot judge a person by their look.. their skin tone.. their body shape.. if u did that.. i'm sure you will never find true love.. there's a lot of players outside.. good looking.. rich.. driving a nice car.. these are the things that a girl like.. in the end.. what they get?? they lose their body (some virginity) n they get their heart broken.. then they start crying n feel regret.. some even lose their dignity too by begging those jerks to be with them again.. stupid girls.. virginity is a very important thing.. it means something.. i know u will think i'm soooo close minded.. but i seriously do think that u shouldn't lose it to any1 but to the person u really love... whenever u wanna use the three words think 1st: are you going to marry this person?? u sure you will love this person forever?? a lot of girls thought 'oh i care about him.. he cares about me too.. i give up a lot of things for him.. i'm sure he won't leave me..' hahaha!! apparently they don't know anything about love or guys.. love is not just about caring each other or how much u give up.. it's about the feelings there.. can u guys click when u guys are talking?? do u guys feel happy whenever u guys are together?? no matter what your partner do it will make u feel happy.. before u wanna start a relationship.. always ask yourself.. what attract u the most?? are you really sure u want this?? don't get into a relationship in a rush.. what's the point u get into a relationship in a rush.. in the end u guys break up.. hurting each others.. then start crying n hating each other.. fighting.. hmm.. we should think twice before getting into a relationship.. don't be naive.. boys are not as easy as u think.. girls too.. some they look innocent.. but they're dangerous.. hahha!! so just becareful.. there's a lot of players out there.. hope everyone won't get their heart broken so often.. haha!! tomorrow school starting.. need to hit my bed now.. it's 2.32am.. haha!! night.. sweet dreamz guys!!

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